Scrum Distant Collaboration

November 20, 2012

“Swarming” is a technique whereby many members of a Scrum team work together to deliver a User Story, taking advantage of the skills of many team members together. In this article, Johanna Rothman asks the question: How do you do swarming in a distributed team? When the Scrum team is located in different countries and timezones, the…

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Scrum Distant Collaboration

The Raspberry Pi is here at last —now what can you do with it? Here is our pick of the project ideas that you can try with your Pi. Note that not all of these are going to work straight of the bat. The Raspberry Pi is brand new and will require some fiddling to get working properly. Give it a week or so however, and we reckon there will be several pre-packaged installers available for you to use if you lack the skills or time to try these yourself. Read more at Gizmodo

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Five Things You Can Do with the Raspberry Pi

I will dub this feature beta only because I’m not sure that my handling or signaling is “exactly” right yet. The latest revision is now 4245 and those of you with the skills may use this version to stream like the pros do with FMS and Wowza.. dynamically! Be aware that Q0S is not implemented

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Dynamic streaming with Red5

IN HIS OPENING KEYNOTE at An Event Apart in Atlanta, GA 2011 Jeffrey Zeldman talked about the skills and opportunities that should be top of mind for everyone designing on the web today. Here’s my notes from his talk on What Every Web Designer Should Know: LukeW | An Event Apart: What Every Web Designer

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An Event Apart: What Every Web Designer Should Know