The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flex FlexUnit 4.2.0. Apache Flex is a highly productive, open source application framework for building and maintaining expressive applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and devices (including smartphones, tablets and tv). Apache Flex FlexUnit is a JUnit style testing framework for Apache Flex applications.

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Apache Flex FlexUnit 4.2.0 Released!

Welcome to YUI Weekly, the weekly roundup of news and announcements from the YUI team and community. Release News We released YUI 3.16.0 this week! Big props to everyone on the core team and the community! Find out more about what’s changed in this release by viewing the change history rollup. Andrew also […]

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YUI Weekly for April 11th, 2014

YUI 3.16.0 Released

April 10, 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of YUI 3.16.0! This release can be found on the Yahoo CDN, through npm, and via a downloadable .zip archive. The YUI Library website has also been updated to reflect the changes in this release. What’s New In This Release If there were a theme for this release, […]

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YUI 3.16.0 Released

I’m rewriting part of my website with Zend Framework 2 because I want to use something more mature and flexible than something I wrote years ago. I picked up the book

Being on older technology stack I was unable to use the Async based code sample for webAPIso this is my current work around. I am using VS 2010 .NET framework 4.0public string testapi()

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes In this article, I will demonstrate how simple it is to create a simple TCP server with Dart. We will start off very simple by just creating a simple server, that returns an HTTP status code 200. This will be the bare bones to a small server that starts […]

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Simple TCP server with Dart – Setup