Setting up an application server in the cloud isn’t that hard if you’re familiar with the tools and your application’s requirements. But what if you needed to do it dozens or hundreds of times, maybe even in one day? Enter Heat, the OpenStack Orchestration project. Heat provides a templating system…

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Giving Rise to the Cloud with OpenStack Heat

Samsung’s product roadmap for 2014 looks an awful lot like the 2013 version. In

Avanade survey of 1,000 executives finds growing evidence of IT’s shift from server administrators to business advisory role.

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Nine Out of Ten Executives Comfortable with IT Staff Out in Front of Clients

Philip Papadopoulos has announced the release of Rocks Cluster Distribution 6.1.1, a CentOS-based distribution for building real and virtual clusters.

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Distribution Release: Rocks Cluster Distribution 6.1.1

Much of our talk about Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Phoronix is in regards to the default Unity-based desktop given that it takes the largest share of *buntu users, but for the Xubuntu 14.04 LTS release this week there’s several interesting changes for this Xfce spin worth noting…

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New Features Coming To Xubuntu 14.04 LTS

Neal Murphy has announced the availability of the fifth release candidate for Smoothwall Express 3.1, a Linux-based operating system designed for firewalls and routers.

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Development Release: Smoothwall Express 3.1 RC5