When I began my current job at Algoma University as the systems librarian, I really had no idea what I was getting into. Despite a decade in library information technology (IT), I felt nervous over my primary task: to help develop and administer Evergreen, an open source library catalogue system.

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5 Key Insights on the Transition from Windows to Linux

The North Carolina data center is built upon the bare bones, power-optimized premise of the Open Compute Project, with design efficiencies that Facebook says saved $1.2 billion in infrastructure costs.

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How Open Compute has Shaped Facebook’s Forest City Data Center

Do you never miss a new strip from xkcd? Read webcomics regularly? Or would you like to back up all the strips of your favorite website? Hopefully, the open source community has the solution: a command line program to download all your favorite webcomics from your terminal. Before we begin,…

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How to Download Webcomics from the Command Line on Linux

The Heartbleed bug has cast a bright and not entirely flattering light on the open-source movement’s incentive model.

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OpenSSL and Linux: A Tale of Two Open-Source Projects

The most important duty of a Linux system administrator is to make sure the system he/she is administering is in a very good condition. There are many tools available for a Linux system admins that can help to monitor and display processes in a system such as top and htop,…

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Collectl: An Advanced All-in-One Performance Monitoring Tool for Linux

Version 5.3 of Tiny Core Linux, the latest stable build of the fast and minimalist (less than 15 MB) desktop Linux distribution built from scratch, has been released and is now available for download.

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Distribution Release: Tiny Core Linux 5.3