In this task management app demo page you can create tasks, see what you need to do, track your progress and see what you’ve already done. The page has been created using DMXzone Boostrap and Elements for the layout and content, DMXzone HTML5 Data Bindings, Database Connector, Updater and Formatter for the database part, HTML Editor 3 for the editor and Advanced CSS Animator for the editor window appearance animation. Also, we used DMXzone Font Awesome for the beautiful icons used in this showcase.

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Task Management App Showcase

Lots of great articles this week, though no real themes stand out. We’ve got lots of CSS and Sass, Pebble watch development, ES6 and ES7, PhoneGap and more. Basically, this week runs the gamut. Tutorials A look at a number of strategies for organizing your CSS code in modular manner for preprocessors by Tim Severien. […]

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of April 7, 2014

In this Quick Tip for Lightroom (How to Copy Files to an External Hard Drive in Lightroom), Julieanne shows how to copy files to an external drive Lightroom that Lightroom is unaware of.

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Quick Tip – How to Copy Files to an External Hard Drive in Lightroom

Rod Smith of IBM and I had a call the other day to prepare for our onstage conversation at O’Reilly’s upcoming Solid Conference, and I was surprised to find how much we were in agreement about one idea: so many of the …

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#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans

Perfect Photo Suite 8 runs well in your favorite Adobe applications for editing, but the stand-alone version also continues to be a great way to run the software.

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Perfect Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition

This year is certainly flying by. It’s now nearly two months since we got up on stage at FinovateEurope and proudly showed off our very own cutting-edge technology. Avoka was chosen to present our Omni-Channel 2.0 Financial Services solution usingContinue reading

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More Finovation – Avoka Head to FinovateSpring 2014!