Adobe AIR Native Extensions Round-up: Adobe AIR Native Extensions 200+ ANEs – iOS, Android, Mac, Windows WifiDirectANE Daily pitfall, ANE and Worker don’t get along in constructor ScreenCast Native Extension Native Alerts using ANEs Inneractive ads ANE NativeMailExtension AIR Native Extension for Google Analytics on iOS and Android – Updated to AIR 4.0 ANE-RecordAudio Camera Native Extension – iOS Update GeoCapabilities ANE ChunkEMail ANE OpenIAB ANE Make your full screen Android apps even fuller screen with the latest update to our Adobe AIR ANE Maor Bar ANE’s MacOSFullScreenANE

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Adobe AIR Native Extensions Round-up: Adobe AIR Native…

Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 is recently released with some great new features. I will recommend you free PDF guide which is update to the book Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers by Martin Evening to learn about new great features. I know that many of you will have question: how to compare current image state with the image without any adjustments if there isn’t snapshot saved? It is possible, off course, and that’s the reason why I am writing this post.How to Preview and Compare Image Without Adjustments With Current State in Camera Raw 8.4Let’s say you have open, previously adjusted

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Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 Preview Tip

If you are using FlexPaper Desktop Publisher together with FlexPaper Zine viewer to generate your online publications then here is handy tip for you to create great previews of your publications. (This is a really good way to promote your publications on landing pages without claiming the whole page.)  When you are working with your PDF document in the desktop publisher you will find the publication preview option under the publication settings menu on your right hand side. It gives you 3 options to choose from. None (default) – your publication will be displayed in full size. Interactive miniature – this

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How to promote your online publications on your website using FlexPaper Zine

I ran into a problem working through the tutorial for Learn ZF2 for form validation. I reached the section where the form data would be inserted into a database and that wasn’t possible using the command line PHP server. I decided to switch to MAMP because it has more stuff baked in.I quickly ran into an issue that was tough to track down. After added the database code the form no longer submitted. After ripping out lots of code and not finding an answer I called it a night. The next day I figured out the problem was with MAMP

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Zend Framework 2 & MAMP : Memory Issues

3D printing is a manufacturing process that is used to produce three-dimensional objects from a digital design. It is also commonly called additive manufacturing. Complex shapes are produced in successive layers from particles of metal, resin or plastic. This makes it cheaper and easier to produce a single product than most traditional production methods, which […]

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How Will 3D Printing Transform Industry

Tutorial: Mobile Game Previews with AIR on Android

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Tutorial: Mobile Game Previews with AIR on Android