Eclipse Jetty: WebSocket over SSL in Jetty

December 12, 2011

Jetty has always been in the front line on the implementation of the WebSocket Protocol . The CometD project leverages the Jetty WebSocket implementation to its maximum, to achieve great scalability and minimal latencies . Until now, however, support for WebSocket over SSL was lacking in Jetty. In Jetty 7.6.x a redesign of the connection layer allows for more pluggability of SSL encryption/decryption and of connection upgrade (from HTTP to WebSocket), and these changes combined allowed to implement very easily WebSocket over SSL. These changes are now merged into Jetty’s master branch, and will be shipped with the next version of Jetty. Developers will now be able to use the wss:// protocol in web pages in conjunction with Jetty on the server side, or just rely on the CometD framework to forget about transport details and always have the fastest, most reliable and now also confidential transport available, and concentrate in writing application logic rather than transport logic. WebSocket over SSL is of course also available in the Java WebSocket client provided by Jetty. Enjoy !

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Eclipse Jetty: WebSocket over SSL in Jetty

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